Thursday, November 23, 2017

Doing Holiday Shopping in Maynard, Part II, (Photos)

A few days ago I did my Holiday Shopping List for Maynard. I promised to do a post that highlights, using photos, some of the beautiful things I have seen. I've been rushing to get this out there in an attempt to keep you from making unnecessary trips to the traffic-packed mall, and to get you to be more connected to your home by the gifts that you give.

Sunglasses from Look Optical
So here are the photos I took. There were more things that I wanted to show, but this could go on forever, and we don't have forever!

Handmade Soaps, 6 Bridges Gallery
6 Bridges Gallery

Handmade handbags, 6 Bridges Gallery
Handmade boxes, 6 Bridges Gallery

Handmade Books, 6 Bridges Gallery
Richard Goddard Goldsmith
Richard Goddard Goldsmith
Soaps, Boxes, Tiles, 6 Bridges Gallery

Handmade Jewelry, 6 Bridges Gallery
Movement Charms, 6 Bridges Gallery

Handmade bags and scarves, 6 Bridges Gallery
Funny Cats, 6 Bridges Gallery
Unexpected items, 6 Bridges Gallery

Hats, Scarves, and Jewelry, 6 Bridges Gallery
Personal Training, Aim for Fitness

Books, Art/Video Signals

Decorate your own platters, Art/Video Signals

Paint a figurine, Art/Video Signals

Hot sauces with funny names, Art's Specialties

Jellies made from beer and wine, Art's Specialties

Wine, Art's Specialties

Vinegar collections, Art's Specialties

Assortments of special teas, Art's Specialties

Local maple syrup, local honey, Art's Specialties

So many hot sauces, Art's Specialties 
Vintage toys, Collector's Paradise

To add to your wine or beer gift, Denault Studio

Glasswork, Denault Studio

Beads for your own work, Denault Studio

Pretty cutting boards, Denault Studio

Pens, Denault Studio

Ring holders, Denault Studio

Bath treats, Denault Studio

Pretty candles, Denault Studio

Glass dishes, Denault Studio

Speakers made from gourds, Denault Studio

Puppets, Denault Studio

Kitchen tools, Denault Studio

Movie theater tickets and goodies, Fine Arts Theatre

Beautiful cards, Kind Goods

Pottery and succulents, Kind Goods

Local flavor,  Kind Goods

Pretty bags, Kind Goods

Classes, Metrowest Kung Fu

Classes, Metrowest Kung Fu

Harry Potter merchandise, Oliver's Wands and Wizarding Wares

Great bags, Raspberry Beret

Awesome outfits, Raspberry Beret

The funkiest clothes, Raspberry Beret

Lots of shoes, Raspberry Beret

Royal Nails

Stocking stuffers, Sugar Snap

Decorations, Sugar Snap

Stocking stuffers, Sugar Snap

Stocking stuffers, Sugar Snap

Color a gift, Sugar Snap

Candy,  Sugar Snap

Bags, The Corner Closet

Bags, The Corner Closet

Sports equipment, The Outdoor Store

Sports equipment, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Camping/hiking equipment, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Fishing Gear, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Ice skates, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Sweaters, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Beautiful sweaters, The Maynard Outdoor Store

More sweaters, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Leggings, The Maynard Outdoor Store

Winter hats, The Maynard Outdoor Store

The Maynard Outdoor Store

Socks, The Maynard Outdoor Store

 The Maynard Outdoor Store

 The Maynard Outdoor Store

 Plaid flannel, The Maynard Outdoor Store

 The Maynard Outdoor Store

So many gloves,  The Maynard Outdoor Store

Fuzzy robes, The Paper Store

Ornaments, The Paper Store

Candles, The Paper Store

Fun socks, The Paper Store

Local gifts, The Paper Store

Team merchandise, The Paper Store

Team merchandise, The Paper Store

Fun mermaid stockings, The Paper Store

Tech gear, The Paper Store
Yarn cracker, Island Yarn Company
Beautiful yarns, Island Yarn Company

Games, The Paper Store
Vintage items for home,  Summer Street Fine Consign
Classic Candies, Summer Street Fine Consign
Maynard T-shirts and sweatshirts,  Summer Street Fine Consign
Holiday decorations,  Summer Street Fine Consign
 Summer Street Fine Consign
 Summer Street Fine Consign
Holiday decor, Summer Street Fine Consign
Antique tea sets, Summer Street Fine Consign
Classic kitchenware, Summer Street Fine Consign
 Summer Street Fine Consign
Denault Studio, glasswork class
Denault Studio, glasswork class
Lego and Duplo blocks, The Paper Store 
Kids art supplies, The Paper Store
Kitchen tools,  Summer Street Fine Consign
The latest books, The Paper Store
Kitchen Knives,  Summer Street Fine Consign 
Pajamas, The Paper Store