Friday, September 27, 2013

A Newish Thrift Store in Town

Perhaps you haven't noticed it yet, but I did—there's a new little thrift shop on Nason St. across from Gallery 7. Technically, it's not really new. Pickers Pocket was located on Main St. down in the big building that's slated for demolition. They were going to lose their space, so that opted to shift to a different location.

I happened to be in Gallery 7 when I noticed a flashing "open" sign across the way. Curious, my daughter and I made our way over to check it out. It's perfectly thrift. They are still setting up, but it seems like a good and interesting mix of things. I walked out with an excellent salad bowl that I can also use as a trifle dish—$3.

Okay, so that's a new business downtown! All of you who are interested in a thriving downtown should take the time to stop in and welcome the owner, Denise, to the soon-to-be bustling section of Nason.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Open Studios at ArtSpace September 28 and 29—this weekend!

Maynard is loaded with Artists. They even have their own building—an old middle school that was converted to artist's studios. In a space that has remained 100% full for all the years it has been open, I consider myself lucky to have a space there.

This weekend is our Open Studios. You can come and take a peek into all the studios and get an idea of what it takes to make the art you see.

I make hats, so if you're interested in those, you'll find me in my studio with my studio mate, Andrew Child (he's a photographer). I also do mixed-media collages that I love to talk about.

So do come down this weekend and visit. And don't be shy about stepping into studios and asking people why they make what they make.

Update on the remodel of Maynard's playgrounds

Just got this in my inbox:

"The Town of Maynard is officially opening Reo and Coolidge Parks, this Friday, September 27, 2013 at 8:00 am.  The Town has diligently been working with the Contractor and Design Engineer to complete several items that were not completed at the parks late this summer, and is excited to open the parks. There is one play structure at each park that still has ongoing safety issues and these structures are currently fenced off with orange safety fencing. The issues surrounding these pieces of equipment are being reviewed and we hope to resolve the issues and open the structures for public use soon. The Town asks the residents to please stay off of these pieces of equipment and sectioned off areas until the DPW removes the safety fencing, and announces via this web page that these structures are safe to use.

In addition, the Town has identified a favorable solution for the Reo Road Park for the installation of a play structure that will be installed in place of the previously designed “play mound.”  We are now in the process of working to get this procured and installed for use and enjoyment by the end of the calendar year.

Please contact the Department of Public Works with any questions or comments at 978-897-1317 or via the DPW contact page.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.
Kevin Sweet, Town Administrator"

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Launch for Local Author Julie Berry at the Maynard Public Library

Julie Berry lives just around the corner from me here in Maynard. I usually only see her when I'm on my way to my studio. 

On Thursday, September 26 there's going to be a Book Launch Party for Jher at the Maynard Public Library. The gathering will take place in the Roosevelt Room at 7 pm.

Julie's new Young Adult book is All the Truth That's in Me! Julie now has a major publisher, a national book tour and a starred review from Kirkus—all really big deals! Refreshments will be served.

Come grab a book, congratulate her, and shake her hand!

Comedy shows in Maynard

Did you know you could go to a comedy show in Maynard? I didn't, and I'm supposedly know a lot about this town. It's true, you can. Roasted Peppers organizes special dinner/comedy show events.

The next show is this Saturday September 21 at 7pm. The comedians will be Stephanie Peters, Ace Aceto and John Morris. The evening includes Appetizers, Dinner and Dessert as well as the show. Tickets are $49 each which includes Dinner and the Show. A few tickets are still available. After this one, the next show will be in early December. The date has not been determined yet. 

Where can you find something like this in this area!?!?
So come down have a great meal, a few drinks, and many laughs!!!

Call Roasted Peppers @ 978-461-9932  for more information.

**Note- Strong Adult Language**

Friday, September 13, 2013

You voted that you care about the 129 Parker development—Prove it!

I got this from a friend. I have emphasized an important line in the message. I sure hope to see you there!

Hi all,
There was a good turnout for the first 129 Parker street visioning session. Here is information for second session as well as some other upcoming events around town. Please share with others you know. Since a major criticism of the initial 129 process was that there was no opportunity for community involvement, it is important to get good participation.

Thurs. Sept 26
- 129 Street Community Visioning Session #2, 6pm <Note new date>
Maynard High School Library
More details to follow. For those that can not attend, Maynard Town Planner Eric Smith will be working with the facilitator Angus Jennings to identify alternative ways to provide input. Questions:

MaynardFest and OctoberFest/Fireworks Are On Different Days

Lots of people love to come to Maynard for our MaynardFest and OctoberFest events. This year the events will be held on separate days, so mark your calendars and try not to miss the fun!

So why the change? The reason is simple—the ladies and gentlemen who organize and run the events, while two different groups, are essentially the same group of people. The two events on the same day is just much too long a day. So they broke it up.

We can make the event easier for our gracious volunteers by cleaning up after ourselves. Consider carrying a bag or two to collect any trash you accumulate, then toss it when you find a trash bin. It will certainly help our volunteers and make cleanup more manageable.

I hope to see you at all of these events.

The schedule is as follows:

MaynardFest - October 5th, 9am – 3:30pm
OctoberFest - October 12th, 4pm – 8pm
Fireworks - October 12th, 8pm (following OctoberFest)

* Special thanks to Karen Sullivan for getting and sharing this information.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Erickson's is Having their Two-For-One Sale

Time to load up on ice cream—Erickson's has started their two-quarts-for-the-price-of-one event. Get a deep freezer and store some up for those dark days in winter when you just need to remember that summer once existed. But don't buy yours until I get mine! ;-)

Don't Drive the Wrong Way at the School

I heard through the grapevine that at school drop off, some parents are going out the entrance (which is one-way). It's making the driveway too narrow, so people walking in are having a hard time. even cars are feeling a little squeezed. Have hope! There is a formal exit from the parking lot on the other side. Use that and help keep families a little safer.

Sending Our Thanks to the New Owner of the Fine Arts Theater

In the spring, out of curiosity, I drove through the parking lot across from the Fine Arts Theater. When I saw all the work that Steve Trumble and Melanie Perry were putting into it, I thought, How can we possibly ever thank them? What little gesture can show them that we really care that they're here with us? I stared at the building for a while and then it dawned on me—make coloring pages of the front of the building and have local kids (and adults) color them and send them all in. I knew the response from the community would be good, and it has been.

This is the coloring page I made. Maybe you'd like to color, too? There's enough room at the bottom to add a note and sign a name. Happy coloring!Owner

A Bakery/Café for Maynard—Yes please!

I "reported" earlier about Serendipity Café opening in Maynard next month and that they'd be working with the local, beloved bakers the Hobsons. Well, in order for the Hobsons to really make this happen, they need some funding for new equipment. They've started a Kickstarter fund to help get them off the ground. Listen to their pitch and think about the kinds of things you want for our small town.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daytime Break-In

I'm sorry to report that I've heard rumors of a daytime break-in on Nason Street near the library.

Let's all do what we can to know our neighbors and who should be going in and out of their houses.

Have you heard of the Revitalize Maynard Collaborative?

Here's the article that I saw in our local paper that made me want to get involved. I love the idea of people coming together to make things happen.

The group will be having a "Downtown Spruce Up" on Sunday September 29th.

Here's what they have to say about it:

"We need energy and volunteers for this event.  Please try to organize your own groups, neighbors, friends, who are are both in town and outside to pitch in that day (9/29) to help make Maynard look awesome.  There is something for everyone to do: pick up litter, weed, spruce up areas, even paint.  If you have specific questions, use the email and either Maren or I will get back to you.  In the meantime, please SPREAD THE WORD about this event.  If everyone can bring a person, or two, this event will be an overwhelming success."

Come clean up with us!

Erickson's Ice Cream, get it while you can.

The rumor mill has it that Erickson's is piling on the ice cream as they work to use up all their stock before the end of the season. Get it while you can.

I sure miss the Almond Joy. Last year we bought pints and hoarded them in our chest freezer.

Making Progress at the Fine Arts Theater

I noticed that the neon "Fine Arts" logo has been replaced atop the entrance to the theater. And they've even tried to break up the white space a bit.

We are also so grateful to Steve Trumble for his investment in Maynard, and I believe the theater is going to be a major anchor point for our small, walkable community.
This is a blog about things we hear about in Maynard, Mass.—good, bad, ugly. Hopefully it will be mostly good. As it's going to be a lot of things I've heard about, I can't account for accuracy. But that's why it's called the Maynard Grapevine. Please feel free to correct me or send me worthy topics.

Serendipity Café to open October 19, 2013

Though it's a familiar spot for a café, make no doubt about it that Bruce Davidson, owner of Serendipity Café is going to be bringing new ideas and a new feeling the the corner of Nason and Main Streets.

We're so happy to see the café tradition of that corner being carried on. Since Bruce is an artist, I think we can expect and artistic flair to the Space.

We're also psyched that he's carrying the baked goods of Hobson's Homemade. I think it's going to be a great partnering. What else can you expect when you've got groups of people, excited about Maynard, coming together to make something.

So mark your calendars for October 19th, and head down to Serendipity Café.