Monday, June 30, 2014

Calling All Vintage Bike Enthusiasts (and those just curious, too)!

Do you like "old-school" bikes? Does the term "banana seat" make you long for your youth? If so, you definitely don't want to miss the Maynard Farmers' Market on July 5th, when Ray and Sons Bike Shop unlocks the vaults of time to present us with a display of their prime collection of pure-vintage bicycle glory.

Bring your extended bike fans to the market to reminisce with you about "the good old days" and buy some kale, cookies, berries, cannolis, etc. while you're at it.

You've been informed, now mark your calendars!

The Maynard Farmers' Market runs Saturday, 9-1, rain or shine. It's located in the Clock Tower Place parking lot, Main St., Maynard, Mass. 01754.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buy a Birdhouse, Support Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Julie James is not just a talented local restoration and finish carpenter, she's also a mom and a cyclist. She's combining two of those talents for a good cause. Julie has been making birdhouses to sell to help raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute—she'll be riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge.

On July 5th, she'll be down at the Maynard Farmers' Market selling her wren houses and bluebird houses. The cost is $40 for a wren house, and $50 for a bluebird house. With 100% of the sales going to Dana-Farber, everyone can feel good about their purchase.

Each birdhouse is made from the 100-year-old floor boards of Julie's house, so if you're into repurposing and reusing (which I am), this will be right up your alley. It is recommended that you keep the birdhouse a natural color. Each only requires minimal installation—the bluebird house gets screwed to a tree and the wren house hangs from the branch of a small tree or post. Then you'll be all set to invite some insect-eating buddies into your garden (Get those mosquitos!).

She's only got so many floorboards, so that means her supply of houses is limited, so come down to the Maynard Farmers' Market on July 5th to get yours and support Julie in her Pan-Mass challenge. The bustle around her birdhouse display will likely help her to make more sales and reach her goal. But, if you can't make it to the market and want a birdhouse, you can contact her directly at

Friday, June 27, 2014

Excelsior Comics and Games in Samuel's Studio Location

There's a very long story here that's more complicated than I have time to write, but let me just say that the former owners of Legends Games and Comics have changed locations. They've also changed names—Excelsior Comics and Games. They have taken a long-unoccupied building in Maynard—Samuel's Studio! Around town we are happy that Tiana and Bobby (owners of Excelsior) have decided to stick around and to see something going in to that space.

They're young owners, and this move is a big deal for them. Of course, there has been some cost to them to do this. If you're at all interested in helping them out, you can buy a cool T-shirt with their new logo. The campaign has been running for a while, but you still have 3 days left to help them out. Here's the link.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eli of the Boston Bean to Take Over Management of Clock Tower Cafeteria

I was talking to Eli, over at the Bean yesterday. He told me that he's looking for employees, not just for the beloved coffee shop, but also for the Clock Tower cafeteria, which he has take over managing.! Don't worry, he has no plans to give up the Bean, he's just diversifying.

I'll post again when he tells me what kind of employees he's looking for. It seems he might be able to offer mother's hours in one of the places. He said he'd let me know.

Whatever the case, go out and visit the local coffee shops. They're great places to meet people and get a delicious bite to eat.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Things: New Owners of Main Street Liquors and Main Barbershop to Close

So I heard that Main Street liquors has sold and that new owners will be taking over in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see if anything changes over there. Not that there's anything wrong with the way it is, just curious about the effects of new ownership.

The second thing I heard was that the Main Barber Shop is going to be closing. The owner, Bob, is actually going to be going over to work at Porfino on Nason Street. Having the two consolidated will likely be good for both businesses.

Many of you have been good about keeping me informed about goings on around town, so thanks for that. I don't always get to post as regularly as I'd like, but I try—there's usually a small child standing next to me asking for something. Priorities, right? Whatever the case, keep letting me know what you hear. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Maynard Community Band's Summer-Concert Series Begins June 25th, 7-8:30pm

One of the great things in Maynard during the summer is the weekly, free Maynard Community Band concert. Every Wednesday night you can take your picnic, folding chairs, or a blanket, and walk yourself over to Memorial Park (across from the movie theater), where you can find yourself a place on the lawn to listen to the band perform from their vast repertoire of classics.

Invariably, there will be the small children having their dance party at the front, while their parents finish putting away the remnants of picnics. The conductor might choose someone to replace him for one song. The Senior crowd will sing along to music I've never heard of, or songs I didn't know had lyrics. Mark Malcom (the Maynard Public Library's children's librarian) will almost always lead a march of children through the audience, like the Pied Piper.

Across the street, at Maplebrook Park, members of the Maynard Community Gardeners will be tending to the garden while being serenaded with the music. It makes the chore of removing the nuisance plant seems almost theatrical, and certainly less tiresome.

Summer is a lovely time around here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't Miss the Costume Parade on Opening Day of the Maynard Farmers' Market

Saturday, June 28th is Opening Day for the Maynard Farmers' Market, and for the second year in a row, they're kicking it off in style by having a costume parade! Costumes don't have to be extravagant for you to participate—this is all just for the fun of celebrating the opening of the market. Last year we had an excellent turnout. Don't miss the fun, come on down!

The route takes us from the market, to the downtown, and back to the market. It's a quick walk, a little exercise, and a lot of fun.

I hope to see you down there. Extra points if you can get your dog in a tutu.

Friday, June 13, 2014

What's the Hold Up at the Fine Arts Theatre?

Photo Erik Hansen
I hate Facebook for not allowing pages that I "like" to show up in my newsfeed. I've been missing some of the Fine Arts Theatre's posts. Anyway, they had a post recently that talked about why they aren't open yet. They had hoped to be open end of May, beginning of June, but they've had another setback. Here's what their post said:

June 4th
"Steve and Jay met with the building inspector yesterday and there is a back room we weren't planning on finishing before opening, but the building inspector says it has to be complete before we can open for business. This is discouraging because it means we have to tear down a wall and bring that part of the ceiling up to code. We continue making plans to open this summer because WE WILL OPEN THIS SUMMER! It just probably won't be in the next couple of weeks, which is what we hoped."

And then on June 9th

"We got a lot done on the theatre this weekend. We predict it is going to take us three or four weeks to finish the back room. I forgot to mention last time, that the building inspector has also asked us to replace the beams in the rear entrances to the theatre since they are kind of old (everything is more than kind of old in this building). This is of course going to take some time, but we got started on it and are optimistic about the whole thing.
Some of the troubles they've had to deal with.

As a bonus, this gives us some time to get other things done we really wanted to get done before we open. Such as finishing the fire alert system. The Fine Arts Theatre never had any sort of fire alert system (which is kind of baffling to us after seeing the fried wiring and general fire hazard the building used to be). The Fire Chief recommended we install one and we heartily agree. Nothing matters more to us than the safety of our patrons so we are going forward with putting in the new fire alert system, which should be done by the time we open! Wahoo! Safer building, sounds like a good plan to me."

Right now, knowing all the work and trouble that has gone into repairing the theater, I am so grateful that someone else didn't come along and turn it into a parking lot. Steve Trumble and Melanie Perry have invested so much time and money into this project that there's no way that it won't be a movie theater. I think we should all be happy that they came along when they did. And when the time comes, hopefully we can all get behind supporting them in the funding campaign to get the projectors they're going to need.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The MacDonad's Building is Coming Along

Not to be confused with the "restaurant" McDonald's, MacDonald is the guy who built the apartments on the corner of Summer and Nason Streets, and the one at the corner of Parker and Waltham Streets. Obviously, he thinks Maynard is a place where people want to live (much like myself), because he's currently working on his third apartment building. Located on Main Street, this new building is four floors, with the bottom floor reserved for commercial space.

I'm hopeful that it will be a great-looking building and will help move traffic along to that part of Main Street.

This Weekend: Buy Your Summer Reading at the Maynard Library

Summer is nearly upon us. That means long road trips, nights away from home, or time hanging out on the beach—all perfect opportunities to catch up on some reading. This weekend you can head over to the Maynard Public Library to pick up a stack of summer reading; for you, your kids, your siblings, everyone! All your purchases go into supporting the library. Here's more information:

Friends Book Sale! The fun happens this Saturday, June 14 from 10 – 2.

The sale includes books  for summer reading, including paperback bestsellers, mysteries and travel books for adults. We also have LOTS of books for kids from newborns through high school. This is a great chance to stock up for all the books your kids will need for the Summer Reading Program and the Read-A-Thon Fundraiser on June 24. You may also find a little something for Dad for Father's Day. All books are less than $2, with most at $1 or $0.50. You can't beat these bargains.

If you are a teacher buying books for your classroom, please let us know at check-out so we can give you a discount.

There are two other ways to support the Friends. First, you can help us by shopping at Amazon. The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate a small percentage of your purchase price to the Friends at no cost to you! Get started here. If you shop between now and Sunday(6/15), Amazon will donate an extra $5 for every purchase, in honor of Father's Day. That could really add up!

 You can also join the Friends or renew your membership online The secure transactions will be processed through PayPal, where you can use your existing account or charge your credit card. If you prefer, you can mail in this form or visit us at the book sale. No matter how you donate, we appreciate your generous support!
See you at the library!
Sally Thurston 
Friends of the Maynard Public Library

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Slide is Open!

A few weeks ago I said it was only a matter of days... yea, like thirty of them. Well, the slide is officially open! Get your butts down there! Thanks for the update K.C.

Cool Stuff Happening in Maynard This Weekend

There seems to be lots of good stuff going on in Maynard lately. This weekend is proving to be no different. Try to catch at least one of these artistic and fun events if you can. I had no idea that they were going to start having dance parties at Serendipity—so cool! 

63 Summer St.
Please join us for our FREE 2nd Saturday's event, including a mini open studios, and opening reception for
"Doris Carlson / A 30 Year Retrospective"
Mini open studios
Opening reception for Doris Carlson

7 Nason St.
Works by Catriona G. Baker, Alicia Dwyer, 
Arthur J. Garrone, Joel Moskowitz
Free / 7-9 p.m.

"Dress #7"
Oil on Board
Alicia Dwyer

1 Nason St.
Get your groove on this Saturday night! 
While there's been some zealous dancing in and around Serendipity already, this is our very first official, seasonal, Serendipity Dance Party! DON'T MISS IT! 
Free / 7-11 p.m. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Shredding and Hazardous Waste Days

Mark your calendars for the paper-shredding day (6/14) and hazardous-waste day (6/28). These are two things I always miss, but not this year—they're going on the calendar!

This is from the town's Web site;

Annual Paper Shredding Program – June 14th

May 7, 2014General Information

The Maynard DPW has scheduled this year’s Paper Shedding Program for: Saturday, June 14, 2014 from 8 a.m. to noon at the DPW drop off center (38 Winter Street).

The fee for the shredding is $5.00 per car load, payable by check or money order. (No cash or credit cards will be accepted.)

If you need further information, please call the Department of Public Works at 978-897-1317.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day – June 28th

May 7, 2014General Information, Public Health and Safety Updates

The Department of Public Works will hold their annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection day on Saturday, June 28, 2014. The collection will be held at the DPW Garage, located at the end of Winter Street, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and noon. There is a $10.00 fee per carload, payable by check or money order made payable to “Town of Maynard”. (NOTE: Cash and credit cards will not be accepted.) Unusually large loads will require additional fees. A list of acceptable items can be obtained at the Department of Public Works office (978-897-1317) and on our webpage.

Please note that this collection is for Maynard residents only and proof of residency is required. As a reminder, if you have SHARPS to drop off, please be sure they are in a puncture-free, closed container such as a coffee can or large plastic soda bottle. There is no fee for SHARPS drop off.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Join the Maynard Planning Board!

I"m posting this message I got from the Maynard Planning Board.


The Maynard Planning Board is looking for a new full-time member to join its Board. We are a five member Board appointed by the Board of Selectmen. We typically meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 7 p.m. There is a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, June 10th, at 7 p.m. at Town Hall if you would like to watch our proceedings before making a decision. Ideally, the new member would be able to start as soon as possible.

No planning, architectural or engineering background is required, just a passion for the Maynard community, its "built environment" and the ability to read and understand our zoning by-laws. If you are interested in the position and/or have questions about the position, please feel free to contact me, Bernie Cahill (current chairman), at, and I will do my best to answer your questions. 

Thank you!

Signs of Life at Mascarelli's?

Could it be that the owner of Mascarelli's has woken up from a long, Rip-VanWinkle-type slumber? Or did they hear the rest of the downtown started making improvements ten years ago? Whatever the case, I was downtown today and the Mascarelli building was painted!

People who see this post from my Facebook page because they're friends with me and not because they live in Maynard will not understand the significance of this. IT IS A BIG DEAL—trust me. It was a big enough deal for me to get photos of it from two different angles. I nearly rubbed my eyes in disbelief.

I have lived in this town seventeen years. I don't believe I've ever seen that building getting so much as a touch up. In fact, I can probably count on my two hands the number of times I've seen the Mascarelli's Jewelry store open in those seventeen years. (It might be more like one hand, but I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.)

I did hear that they are planning on allowing groups that would normally meet in the church basement of the church that has closed (corner of Main and Summer St.) to meet in Mascarelli's upstairs space. Maybe that's why they're going all out with the tan paint.

Whatever the case, we're glad to see it. Now to just fix that broken glass in the window.. and freshen up the displays. Little by little. :-)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Another New Business Downtown: Aim for Fitness

I was grabbing lunch down at Serendipity Café, when I noticed that one of the long-vacant store fronts had paper up in the windows. Interesting. Where there's paper coving a window, work is being done behind it. Not only that, but a UPS guy was making a delivery. Very suspicious, indeed!

So after lunch, I headed over with good friends and daughter in tow. The door was open. We were going to have to be nosey. "What's going on here?" we asked. That's when we met Amy Brogna. Guess what! She's decided to start a business in downtown Maynard. What does she do? She's a personal fitness trainer. She'll be doing one-on-one training sessions, and I think she said, even group sessions.

As of this moment, her Web site isn't up and running, but she's hoping it will happen soon. In the meantime, we can enjoy her spiffy logo. When she does have the site up, you'll be able to see it at

Join me in welcoming her to the neighborhood!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Suburban Homesteading & Sustainable Home Tour. June 21st

This event looks like it's going to offer a lot of good information. Anyone want to join me on this tour?

June 21st, 2014 9:00 AM in Maynard 

Producing your own food, generating energy and conserving water are all goals of sustainable living. Accomplishing these goals in urban and suburban settings can be challenging. Come and see how some of your neighbors are working toward these goals in the suburbs.

Highlights of the tour include:
  • a Zero-Energy home with solar panels, passive solar space heating, solar hot water system, and superinsulated envelope
  • a Suburban Homestead with small-space intensive raised bed vegetable gardening, espaliered orchard, backyard chickens, bat house, composting and rain barrels all on a third of an acre lot
  • a Backyard Beekeeper who will speak about beekeeping in New England, what it entails, and why honey bees need support now more than ever

Each host will present their unique home features and allow time for questions and answers. Participants will meet at a central location in Maynard, MA at 9:00 AM to check in and receive maps and schedules. We will help form carpools and/or bike to the multiple destinations on the tour.

To buy tickets visit

The money raised at this event is going to help raise the final funds to help get the feasibility study done for the Assabet Village Food Co-op. I'm a big fan of the co-op idea—support local agriculture, provide employees a living wage, bring a non-chain option to the area, etc.