Thursday, August 28, 2014

Speaker to Discuss Realities of Climate Change

On Saturday, September 13th Reality Speaker and Environmental Defense Fund Lead Ambassador, will discuss the first-hand implications and science behind global warming, and how you can be part of the People’s Climate March in NYC on September 21st. Discover why being in the US at this time in history makes you a powerful agent of change. Find out how easy it is to get there, and how hard it will be to forget.

 Learn more about the most pressing issue facing humanity today —Climate Change—and find out how you can have an immediate and direct impact. Whether you are interested in action, education or just meeting other folks who want to protect our planet, please join us on September 13th at 3:30 PM at the Maynard Public Library (77 Nason Street) for an inspiring conversation and rewarding camaraderie. Buckley is also a committee member of the Sierra Club, 350MA, and Westwood Environmental Action, and an MIT graduate.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Merai Liquors on Main Street for Sale

If you ever wanted to own a liquor store in Maynard, now's your chance. Merai liquors on Main Street (by the post office) is for sale. Here's the real estate listing. They're asking $145,000.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Astronauts in Maynard?

Okay, there aren't really astronauts in Maynard, but their photos are. Gallery Seven's current exhibit, "Windows on Earth" features photographs taken by astronauts from the International Space Station. Isn't that so cool.

Dan Barstow of Stow approached Gallery Seven with and idea. He helped to create the software "Windows on Earth" that allows astronauts to identify the targets they are photographing. He thought the images he had access to were beautiful and worth sharing.

For those of us who like a little perspective on our own lives, there's a cool shot of Massachusetts. There's even a great shot of P-Town. Each photo has a little bit of technical information about the piece of land, so you can learn a bit while appreciating the visual beauty.

"WINDOWS ON EARTH" Photographs by Astronauts on the International Space Station on display at Gallery Seven, 7 Nason St. in Maynard thru September 27th.  Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 6th from 7-9 p.m.  Free and Open to the public.  Gallery Hours: Tues. - Fri. 10-6 and Sat. 10-5.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Young-Adult Author (and Maynard Resident) Julie Berry is Moving

I'm always proud to say that we have a very prolific young-adult fiction author here in town. Julie Berry has at least ten books to her credit. She and her husband have raised their three boys here in Maynard, but are now moving to California to pursue some of her husband's dreams. 

We wish them all the best of luck and promise to welcome them enthusiastically with open arms should they ever decide to return. 

You can catch her at her final book release in Maynard for her latest book The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow on September twenty-third at seven o'clock at the Maynard Public Library. Many heart-felt congratulation!

Two September Events at the Maynard Public Library


On Tuesday, Sept 16 at 7 p.m. the Friends will join with Open Table to welcome cook book author Clara Silverstein who will be talking about her three cookbooks - including the one on the White house Garden - and there will be a tasting opportunity from all three books.
On Thursday, Sept 23 at 7 p.m. we will be celebrating with Julie Berry the release of her latest book - The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place. Julie and family are headed to the other coast so this may be your last opportunity to congratulate her at a Maynard book launch party.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ACME Theater Announces Auditions

Audition notice for Fit to Kill!
Greetings from Acme Theater!

Acme Theater is proud to announce auditions for Fit to Kill by Victor L. Cahn, directed by Nancy Curran Willis!

Audition dates are:
Saturday, September 6th at 1pm; and
Saturday, September 13th at 3pm

***Sign up for your preferred date by contacting Kathy Campbell at Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.***

Show Description:
Fit to Kill is a masterful black-comedy murder mystery in the tradition of Wait until DarkDeathtrap, andSleuth - a scheme of strategy, betrayal, and deception. Adrian, a charming but self-indulgent chess master, enjoys a life of luxury thanks to his marriage to Janice, an older, sexy and vibrant woman who has made a fortune as CEO of an exercise empire. The arrival of Amy, a reporter with her own agenda, unleashes a whirlwind of deadly schemes that will keep audiences guessing until the final seconds. A wonderful psychological thriller and a tantalizing game of cat-and-mouse.

The director is looking for a tight ensemble of actors capable of playing both the mounting tension and the humor of the play. It's a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns where characters play an ever evolving game of cat-and-mouse that takes the audience on a wild ride through the Connecticut countryside. Local composer Valerie Forgione is creating a musical underscore for the piece reminiscent of the great thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock.
Roles for 2 Females (20's to young 50's) and one Male (35+).

The ages above are relative as the director is flexible to final casting. The play needs an "older" attractive, successful woman married to a "younger" chess player husband and a "younger" female reporter.
Adrian - Charming, handsome, professional chess player who is kept by his older yet beautiful wife, Janice.
Janice - Older wife of Adrian, a wealthy Connecticut CEO of a fitness empire with a history of questionable business ethics.
Amy - A young reporter sent out to interview Adrian who inserts herself into their lives. Who is she really and why is she there?

Begin Oct. 6 and will be held 3 nights per week between Monday and Thursday (depending on cast preference) with Sundays added starting Oct. 26.

November 21 - December 13 (Fridays & Saturdays at8pmSunday 11/30 at 3pm)

If you have any questions, please contact either the producer, Kathy Campbell ( or the director, Nancy Curran Willis ( 

Pizza Gossip

I heard a rumor...

I heard that that the owners of Rossini's (of 9-Acre Corner in Concord) are thinking of taking over the old Neighborhood Brick Oven Pizza location. I repeat, this is a rumor. I have no idea if it's true. I don't know when they would do it, or if they'd be shutting down the Concord location. It would be nice to see that Main Street property filled again, and it only makes sense that it be a pizzeria since the ovens are already in there.

The other pizza rumor is I heard that Roasted Peppers, who have been doing a booming business, might have people interested in buying them. Not sure who the buyers might be, or if it's true, but I do hope for continued success and that they don't change their food—they're our favorite pizza in town.

If you know any more about the topics, please feel free to leave comments.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's Up With Oriental Delight

Rumors, it's all I've got. People have asked about the Oriental Delight building. Actually, I should say the former Oriental Delight building.—the building was leveled last week and debris is being carted away this week.

I may have this wrong, and please correct me if I do... I heard that the owners of the Paper Store bought the Oriental Delight building at auction, with the intention of making a restaurant. Inspection of the building turned up too many problems for it to be worthwhile, so they tore it down. Rumor has it that it will be housing; a three-family house or duplex on one side and a couple of townhouses on the other.

That's all I've heard on the grapevine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Quarter Deck's Chris Basile at the Farmers' Market Saturday 8/16

Chris Basile, owner of the Quarter Deck, will be cooking at the Maynard Farmers' Market again this year. You may recall that last year he showed up with a huge swordfish. Using other tasty finds at the Farmers' Market, he whipped up some amazing food combinations. I think there may have been a fresh salsa that included raw corn and blueberries. it was delicious.

Chris also offered up cooking tips and fish-buying advice while he was there working. Don't miss this delicious event!

And also the Maynard Public Library's annual summer concert is on Saturday, at 3pm.

Remember that this Saturday (Aug 16) is the annual Concert in the Park at Memorial Park - 3 p.m. - to hear the James Montgomery Band. They were favorites at the Sit'n Bull and we are delighted to have them back in town. So grab some chairs or blankets and head down to the park on Saturday.

Water Main Break on Summer Street

While I was at ArtSpace today, I noticed that the toilet water was orangey. Later, on a drive out to Stow I had to drive through a part of Summer St. that was flooded with muddy water. I was pretty sure that a water main had broken. Later I learned that some people were without water, and that traffic was diverted away from Summer. It was a water indeed main.

That's all I've got for you right now.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little More Green Space for Maynard's Dowtown

When the parking garage was removed, the question arose over what to do with the driveway area that led to it. When I came back from my vacation, I was pleased to see that they were extending the green space of Memorial Park. It's not a lot of space, but it's nice to have.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Come Ask Your Questions About the Assabet Village Food Co-op

What's this whole Food Co-op thing about? What the heck are they trying to do, and what's their big plan?

You can get that and other questions asked at the Informational Meeting on Thursday, August 14th, at 7pm at the Maynard Public Library

Happy Summer to All Assabet Village Food Co-op Owners and Supporters!  

In the coming weeks, our long-overdue summer newsletter will be sent. We have exciting news to share as well as updates on past and upcoming initiatives. In the meantime...
If you're still wondering just what this big co-op idea is (think community-centered village market), this meeting is for you. If you have some idea about co-ops but want to know how bringing a co-op to Maynard will impact our community, this meeting is also for you. And if you are a current owner, please come and bring a curious friend or neighbor!

Upcoming Newsletter Highlights
* Update on the matching funds grant (hint: We're smiling as we write this.)
* Upcoming Tabling and Volunteer Events
* A Successful Homesteading Tour
* The Massachusetts Co-op Movement is Thriving
* New Board Member Bios
* New Owners Join the Co-op
* And much more!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Great Deal on ACME Theater When You Join the FMPL

ACME Theater has a special benefit they offer all members of the Friends of the Library.  You are invited to attend the dress rehearsal of the ACME's first show of the season on Wednesday, September 10 at 7:30 p.m. for $5 which goes to the Friends.   The show - God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza - In the aftermath of a playground brawl between their sons, two sets of well-meaning parents meet to calmly resolve the incident. What begins with the best of intentions quickly shatters the veneer of all civilized discourse, devolving into a hilarious train-wreck of an evening – complete with finger pointing accusations, hysterical bickering and an absurd multi-round grudge match.  A comedy of manners without the manners.

If you aren't a member yet, you can join at the door.  Membership in the Friends is $15 for an individual and $30 for a family.

We are considering a pre-show dinner at a local restaurant if anyone is interested. For more information, contact

Want to Join the Board of Selectmen?

I got this from Town Administrator, Kevin Sweet's blog/online neewsletter:

The Board of Selectmen have called for a Special Election on September 30, 2014 to fill the vacant Selectman position with a remaining term ending June 30, 2016.
Timeline for Special Town Election:
  • Last day to obtain nomination papers – August 11, 2014
  • Last day to submit nomination papers to registrars of voters – August 14, 2014
  • Last day to file nomination papers with Town Clerk – August 26, 2014
  • Last day to register to vote for special town election – September 23, 2014
 If you think you can help move us all forward, I strongly urge you to get yourself on the ticket.