Friday, September 27, 2013

A Newish Thrift Store in Town

Perhaps you haven't noticed it yet, but I did—there's a new little thrift shop on Nason St. across from Gallery 7. Technically, it's not really new. Pickers Pocket was located on Main St. down in the big building that's slated for demolition. They were going to lose their space, so that opted to shift to a different location.

I happened to be in Gallery 7 when I noticed a flashing "open" sign across the way. Curious, my daughter and I made our way over to check it out. It's perfectly thrift. They are still setting up, but it seems like a good and interesting mix of things. I walked out with an excellent salad bowl that I can also use as a trifle dish—$3.

Okay, so that's a new business downtown! All of you who are interested in a thriving downtown should take the time to stop in and welcome the owner, Denise, to the soon-to-be bustling section of Nason.

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