Monday, November 11, 2013

Reo Road Park is almost done!

Reo Road playground, whose construction was put on hold for more than two months now, will be, at long last, getting its center play structure! Woo hooo! The construction of the new structure was set to begin today, November 11th, and is expected to take three days to finish. Access to the park will only be allowed when the town has deemed the new piece safe.

In the meantime, we've been thoroughly enjoying Coolidge Park's playground and, on more than one occasion, have found ourselves there for nearly four hours. A favorite piece seems to be the blue, climbing web.

One question remains about Coolidge Park—why aren't the picnic tables under the gazebo-like structure? What's supposed to be going under there?

If you haven't been to Coolidge yet, get there before it gets too cold. And then when it does get too cold, go there for the sledding. Hopefully we can all get to Reo Road before next spring!

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