Sunday, August 10, 2014

Come Ask Your Questions About the Assabet Village Food Co-op

What's this whole Food Co-op thing about? What the heck are they trying to do, and what's their big plan?

You can get that and other questions asked at the Informational Meeting on Thursday, August 14th, at 7pm at the Maynard Public Library

Happy Summer to All Assabet Village Food Co-op Owners and Supporters!  

In the coming weeks, our long-overdue summer newsletter will be sent. We have exciting news to share as well as updates on past and upcoming initiatives. In the meantime...
If you're still wondering just what this big co-op idea is (think community-centered village market), this meeting is for you. If you have some idea about co-ops but want to know how bringing a co-op to Maynard will impact our community, this meeting is also for you. And if you are a current owner, please come and bring a curious friend or neighbor!

Upcoming Newsletter Highlights
* Update on the matching funds grant (hint: We're smiling as we write this.)
* Upcoming Tabling and Volunteer Events
* A Successful Homesteading Tour
* The Massachusetts Co-op Movement is Thriving
* New Board Member Bios
* New Owners Join the Co-op
* And much more!

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