Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This weekend, MCG celebrates 22 years of plant sales!

This Saturday the Maynard Community Gardeners will host their twenty-second plant sale. It's amazing to see that this tradition of getting the community gardening has lasted so long!

A dedicated small crew of MCG members manages to make it happen every year. It's part of their overall mission statement: “Dedicated to sharing a common interest in horticultural activities, promoting town beautification, and creating gardening opportunities for all.” The plant sale fulfills this mission across the board. Firstly, they get plants
to people, creating gardening opportunities. Secondly, the crew of MCG members at the plant sale will gladly spend lots of time talking to you about what kinds of plants would be suited to what you're trying to do. If someone doesn't know an answer to your question, they'll try to find someone who does. And thirdly, the part about town beautification—the money that MCG raises at the plant sale pays for all those beautiful planters that you see downtown during the warm months (that money also goes into paying for garden-related activities that are usually open to the public, but most of the money spent is town beautification).

The organization started in 1995, when a vacant parcel of land close to the downtown was slated to become a parking lot. Neighbors to the property fought against the proposal, offering to turn the empty lot into a public garden. And that's what they did! That is why Maplebrook Park exists, because people cared enough to make it something better. All these years later, the club is still caring for that garden; adding plants and pathways, pulling weeds, and dividing perennials. They've got a lot to be proud of. That garden is adjacent to the area where the plant sale is held every year.

If you've been eyeing your property and wondering how to bring a little extra life to it, head over to the plant sale this coming weekend, May 21, 9am-noon. Along with some annuals provided by a local grower, you'll find perennials—plants often dug from members own gardens, and a crew of people happy to talk to you about things that grow around here.

MCG Plant Sale 
May 21, 9am-noon, 
at the corners of Maple, Brooks, and Summer Streets

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