Saturday, September 3, 2016

Don't Miss the First Party in the Basin, the Water Ball!

Your first question might be, "Where's the Basin?" That's the nickname that people are giving to the parking lot where El Huipil and Babicos are. Remember it because I'm sure it will come up a lot in the next several years. Now that we've taken care of that...

Why is there going to be a party in the Basin?

Have you heard of the Maynard Cultural Council? You probably have, but just in case, let me give you a basic primer. The Maynard Cultural Council gives out grants to local organization (or people) that apply for funding for their community cultural projects. Applicants have to adhere to Massachusetts Cultural Council Guidelines as well as our local Maynard Guidelines, and preference goes to projects that benefit Maynard.

Here's what I heard from somebody, and I think I have this right... Over the last few years, the Maynard Cultural Council (MCC) has felt that the Maynard cultural community should get more funding. They have decided that, by raising funds at an annual event (this party), they could give applicants more money, and then more cool Maynard projects could take place.

"What kind of a party will it be?" 

I asked around and this is what I heard:
It's like a cocktail party, but just wine and beer. It's like an art opening with no art on the walls. It's a mix-and-mingle thing. There's no big central spectacle. We'll be projecting onto the big white wall, creating an environment that encourages people to see the basin as a place of potential. 

Be curious and interested. Attend to explore and see.
Play in the projectors' rays and make some beautiful silhouettes."

It seems that beer and wine will be served, and there will be munchies available, but not proper food. Kids are welcome, but they may not find anything other than making silhouettes to do. There is no ticket price—it's free to get in. Yup, I said it, FREE. The hope is that your love and appreciation for the people applying for grants will make you want to give a little something back in the form of a donation.

How can I join the party?

Here's the info on their Facebook page invitation

And why wouldn't you come? It's free. It'll be fun. It's just one more cool thing happening in Maynard that helps to support and emphasize our growing arts community.

the WATER BALL party
is a kick-off to the Council's WATER project challenge
is a fund-raiser to increase the Council's grant-making capacity
is a celebration of progress toward recognition of Assabet Village, Maynard's Cultural District

You can apply for a grant. 

Do you have a good idea that's going to have a positive impact on Maynard? Every year, the Maynard Cultural Council funds projects and events which enrich the cultural life of our town.

Apply for funding between September 1st and mid-October.
This year, the Council challenges all lovers of life on this planet to conceive and execute projects which express the myriad qualities and values of WATER. All compete applications received by the deadline will be considered. Your project doesn't have to have a water theme, but it would be nice if it did.

Let them know you're going!

Click on the link to the invitation above and let them know you'll be there. Bring your friends. Be part of the Maynard Arts Scene!

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