Saturday, December 3, 2016

Yes! The Indian Restaurant Reopens! And...

This evening, during the Maynard Business Alliance's Sip & Stroll, I got busted for not having done a blog post about the Indian restaurant's reopening. I wanted to tell you, I really did. I've just been so busy that I didn't have much time. And I decided my shopping list was a more important post. So I know you'll forgive me. 

But yes indeedy, what was formerly "Savoring Indian Cuisine" (quite a mouthful to say), is now owned by someone else. I'm not sure of the name, something like Café India. I believe they may have even opened today. I'm looking forward to getting down there. If you had a chance to try it, I'd love to hear how it was. I'm sure they'll have some kinks to work out in the beginning, but hopefully they'll get things running smoothly soon.

We now have Asia strongly represented on Main Street—Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Korea. 

I also heard that there is going to be a cheese shop/beer and wine seller, perhaps with a slant toward some ethnic (Armenian?) foods. They have another location in Belmont. 

Let's be sure to make Maynard worth both of these business's effort, stop in and visit. 


  1. Wow I am psyched about this news!

  2. Here's the scoop -- Cafe of India.

  3. We got takeout on Friday - the credit card machine wasn't working, but they were very apologetic!! Food was decent - not as good as Monsoon had been, but Ok! I expect they'll get better!! And Ok Indian food is better than no Indian food in town!!

    Omg, a cheese shop would be AMAZING!!

  4. Where is the cheese shop going?! That looks WONDERFUL!