Friday, October 11, 2013

Kick-off Event: ArtSpace Maynard Second Saturdays!

TOMORROW Artspace is hosting a mini OPEN STUDIOS and opening reception for Jill Pottle's solo show. 4 - 6pm for OS and 5-7pm for the reception. I'll be there!

We'll be doing this every 2nd Saturday—mini OS and a reception for new show in the gallery! This is an excellent opportunity for ArtSpace to be more involved with the community. We're always being asked why we're not open more. Well, here you go! Now come and visit. 

Jill's work is really amazing. She loves painting insanely complex still life images of glass and other equally reflective surfaces. 

There will be twenty participating artist studios. I'll be one of them. It won't be long until most of the artists are just dying to open their doors. 

Please come and visit us and tell all the artists how great you think it is that they're open. 


  1. Cool! Thanks for the info!

    And thanks for this blog! We just moved back to Maynard after two years down in Medway and I am SO happy to be back - I missed this town!

  2. Maynard is glad to have you back!