Sunday, March 30, 2014

Real Maple Syrup Made in Maynard: Maynard Maple

I only found out that we have our own local maple syrup house right here in Maynard just a couple of years ago. And then only because the Boston Bean House was selling their products. Of course, being a local kind of girl, I had to get in on that action.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Kay, proud owner of Maynard Maple, when he came by to help me with a maple syrup question that I had. It was summer, and we had a nice conversation in the garden, but I kept noticing that his eyes were looking over my shoulder. He was eyeballing my trees. I didn't even know they were sugar maples. They sure are. He asked if I'd mind if he tapped them in late winter. "Of course not," I said. I know that tapping them doesn't hurt them, and I love helping local businesses when I can. So at the end of February, he came by to set up his gear.

To me, Maynard is about people and connections, so it makes sense that the syrup coming from our little hamlet is a blend of sap from the trees in many of our neighborhoods.

Nashoba Valley Extract Co. will be selling Maynard Maple's offerings at the Maynard Farmers' Market this year. So while you're checking out NVE's homemade extracts, you can now add a little maple to your purchase.


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  1. Hi. Love your Maynard blog. I live in Maynard too. Going on 6 years. I noticed that the trees are tapped by the old mill too. Is this the same guy? I was always curious about the maple syrup from here.