Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Slide at Coolidge Park

My blog title sounds like young-adult, mystery novel, but the reality is that there is some news to report on the slide at Coolidge Park!

Last week I heard a rumor that the big slide was going to be removed because it couldn't be insured. So when I saw earth-moving equipment there earlier I thought that surely today was the day they were taking it out. Not so!

A mom friend (S.M.) spoke to some of the workers there and asked if they were taking the slide down. The person overseeing the work said that they weren't; that they were removing some stone curbs and taking out the stairs—that it was those two things that were keeping the slide closed. She asked about the slide not being built according to the plan, and the overseer acknowledged that fact, but said that it was the stairs and stone that were preventing the opening.

So my fear that we would lose one of the coolest looking pieces in the park can now be put to rest. The slide might even be open when they finish up the work next week. Hooray!

(By the way, if you're not pleased with the uneven slide ride, those bumps are designed to help slow the kids down.)

Note: I was corrected—those bumps have something to do with the transport of the slide, and are not "speed bumps". Thanks for the correction Ken.

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