Saturday, September 13, 2014

Maynard's Oktoberfest will be on September 20th

Every year the Maynard Rotary Club graces the community with a wonderful fireworks display and beer garden. I'm not much of a beer drinker, so I can't say that I've attended the latter, but the fireworks have become a tradition in this Maynard household.

One of the things that we really appreciate is that the fireworks are held at a time of year when it gets dark out early enough. That means little kids in and around Maynard get to see a fireworks display without losing hours of their precious sleep.

The Oktoberfest event starts at 3:00 and included kids activities and music, followed by fireworks sometime around 6:30 or so. (If anyone hears otherwise, let me know.) It all happens in the millpond parking lot on Main Street, with the fireworks being shot off over the water. Here's a link that I found for the event.

Happy Maynard Oktoberfest!

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