Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer's Winding Down. What's Been Going On?

People have been away, enjoying summer for a few weeks here and there away from our beloved town. It's September now, and with School starting this week, families with kids are settling and getting ready to hit the books.

Many of you will come back to see some changes around here. Here are some of the things that I've noticed:

• ArtSpace Downtown is now called 6 Bridges Gallery.
• The church on Summer St., across from ArtSpace has sold.
• SmARTroom has leased a new spot on Main Street and will open sometime in September.
• George, the old fellow who owned The Corner Closet, retired. He was in his nineties.
• The very same Corner Closet has relocated to Main Street. (where Art & Soul was). Looks like they're going to be a great source for getting a deal on clothes.
• The Indian restaurant lost their liquor license because they had been closed for more than six months. I saw last week that the building was for sale.
• Concord and Nason Streets got paved. Some areas even got new sidewalks.

What else? What have I missed?

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