Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's Up With Aubuchon?

I hate hearing bad news, and I hate reporting it, but here we are.

I caught wind of this one today:

"Aubuchon closed on Friday evening.  Windows are papered up, and the sign on the door says that they've moved to the Shaw's plaza in Stow in the same location where Ace Hardware used to be located.  Since the Stow Aubuchon was opened a couple of months ago, this is in reality a merging of the two locations.  Employees were not told ahead of time, in case you (like us) shopped there just a few days ago and weren't informed about the move."

Thumbs down, my friends.


  1. Major bummer, for sure. We were just there last Sunday! We went to the old Ace/new Aubuchon on 117 and they are NOT selling Maynard trash stickers. Bummer! Is the Ace on 27 in Acton now an Aubuchon? So confused!

  2. I believe each Ace is a franchise (independently owned). I don't think it is changing into an Aubuchon.

    Too bad the Aubuchon in Maynard left. I suppose the new location might be larger and has a better layout.