Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Chance to Experience Live Music from a Bygone Era, Right Here in Maynard!

In celebration of his 100th birthday, the Fine Arts Theatre is hosting a Frank Sinatra tribute, replete with a live band. This traveling show is scheduled to be in Maynard for one night only: Thursday, November 5th, at seven o'clock. Steve Martin, America's favorite Sinatra vocalist, and a fourteen-piece orchestra will take over the stage of the theater to bring you music of this musical legend.

Imagine, right here in Maynard, whether we're young or old, we can jump back in time to experience the music of another era. For me, I'm enjoying imagining that our wonderful historical theater will be giving a sigh of contentment as it's reminded of the heyday of its youth.

Tickets are $28 general admission, or $25 for Seniors. They are available at the box office and must be purchased in advance, so be sure to get yours.

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  1. what a wonderful use of the Fine Arts theater space!