Thursday, October 8, 2015

Maynard Has a Toy Store

Have you ever lost your glasses and found that they're right on your head? Or maybe you're looking for something on your desk, and even though it's right there in front of you, somehow you keep missing it? That's how I feel about Maynard's toy store. What, you didn't know there was one?!? There sure is. It's right inside the Paper Store.

I think the problem is the name, and maybe even the history. "The Paper Store" says nothing about toys. And if you were a Paper Store customer years ago, then you'll think of pens, stationery, and the daily papers. But this place offers a heck of a lot more than that! Yes, you can get nice holiday cards. Yes, you can buy those really funky Christmas ornaments. Yes, they have lots of Vera Bradley bags. But when I went in there this week, I saw Patriots gear, funky socks, a big display of chocolates, books, picture frames—lots of things.

After stopping in I learned that they are carrying a lot of current books, and that if they don't have the book that you're looking for you can ask if they can order it for you. It will take a little longer, but this is your downtown—you don't need to give your money to Amazon. Keep it right here.

I didn't go into the Paper Store thinking that I'd be writing anything about the place. It was when I was in there, looking for stationery, that I realized just how many toys there really are. Legos, books, puzzles, art supplies and kits, stuffed animals, all kinds of great stuff. Again, if they don't have a product you're looking for, just ask if they can get it for you.

After my visit, I'd like to propose that they add a secondary name to their building—"The Maynard Toy Shop". They could hang it on the side of the building—on the wall that connects to the back parking lot. And they could hang one on the back of the building above the back door.

Everyone loves the fact that we have a real downtown. It's up to everyone to use it as much as possible. You don't need to go out of town to buy every toy gift. You can get it right here in Maynard.


  1. Warning: If you're at all sensitive to artificial scents, don't go in there! In fact, if you have this sensitivity, you probably gag as you walk past the store, especially if their door is open. Too bad, really; it used to be one of my favorite stores. Clearly the over-scenting works for most people, and I'm glad we have a successful business in town.

  2. I love this place! I get almost all of my gifts and absolutely all of my cards here. They send great coupons too.

  3. I love this place! I get almost all of my gifts and absolutely all of my cards here. They send great coupons too.

  4. It is cool that they have toys and books! Frankly, I never knew either until I was taking a shortcut through their back door by chance. I wish their window display had both lighter glass (why is it so dark?) and some of these things (toys and books) in the window, I feel it would draw in more folks... be better for their business...