Thursday, November 19, 2015

Miracle of Miracles—the Plywood Has Been Removed!

If I hadn't kept my wits about me, I might have skidded off the road due to a miracle that I was witness to today. Maybe you saw it, too. As I approached the intersection of Powdermill and Waltham Streets, I saw a most wondrous sight. There were workers... replacing the windows... of the old Murphy and Snyder building!

Somebody pinch me.

Whether it was the letter writing campaigns, complaints to Town Hall, a trend toward improvements of commercial buildings all over town,  or Maynard's Guerilla Plywood Painter (GPP), the message got through to Mr. VanValey, the owner of that parcel of land.

And so...

Here ye, here ye!
From this day forward let us declare November nineteenth to be an informal holiday in Maynard! In this season of giving thanks, this one might be close to the top of the list.

Now, what do we call this holiday? "Bye-Bye Ply Day"?


  1. Ha, I saw that too and wished I had your phone number to text you a pic! But you saw too apparently. As of last night though, they had put plywood back into *all* the windows, which I was surprised about as they were taking out the frames, etc... but hopefully coming back with windows??

    1. It would be so mean if they fixed that whole window up and just put plywood back in it. Let's hope the glass will be delivered soon.

  2. Drove by this am. Looks SOOOOO much better. Phew! Now if it would just be occupied with SOMETHING that would be amazing.

  3. Finally. The plywood was up when we moved here in 2000. Probably more years than the 15 we've been here. It ruined a significan gateway to our town. Now hoping that the plywood comes off the windows.If not, maybe a few artists can paint a mural on them.

  4. Just drove by this afternoon and sure enough, there's plywood in the windows! Argh!

  5. And it's now 12/12 and nothing has changed. :-(