Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So What's the Deal With the Brewery?

As I've been moving about town, I've heard a lot of people wondering what's happening with Battle Road Brewing Company, the brewery that's expected to take up a good portion of building five of Mill & Main. I figured I'd ask. I reached out to them on Facebook, told them that Maynard was anxious for them to open, and here's what they told me.

"Our brewing equipment has been ordered and is in transit as we speak. Demo has begun on the brewery/restaurant area and the second floor offices are complete. I don't want to give you an expected opening date because these things can (and often do) change quickly, however we are hopeful for early 2016. Cheers!"

I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will line up for them and that things will go smoothly. We patiently await their arrival.

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  1. Battle Road may have a unique opportunity to offer something exclusive to the NE (and beyond) beer market - Fluoride-free beer. What most people don't know is that fluoride is a neurotoxin and has no place in food and water, but since most municipalities fluoridate the water, almost all food and beverage is contaminated with it. FDA recently lowered guidance for acceptable levels of fluoride, admitting that Americans have been overdosing, and more and more towns and cities are stopping the process as there is no clear advantage to it, indeed mounting evidence of connection to many health problems. Maynard is one of the few MA towns that don;t contaminate their water with fluoride, and so, if Battle road is here, they can say their products are not contaminated.