Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free Screening of "Codegirl" at Fine Arts Theatre, Sponsored by Yieldbot, Monday, December 14th

I'm really proud that my husband and the company he helps run (Yieldbot) out of Mill & Main thought the subject of girls in technology was important enough to bring "CODEGIRL" to Maynard. And I'm so pleased that our local theater (Fine Arts Theatre Place) agreed. 

On December 14 at 7pm, Yieldbot is sponsoring a free screening of "CODEGIRL" at Fine Arts Theatre Place. 

"CODEGIRL" is a recent documentary that centers around an app competition (specifically the 2014 competition) that is held yearly worldwide that encourages girls to get into technology. My husband watched it during a brief period when it was being offered by Google on Youtube for free. He felt it was important and thought that we have a great chance to get even more people to see it.

Back in college he was part of a team that did a study that found that one of the big reasons that girls, even at a young age, don't go into technology is that they don't identify with the image of who they think is good with technology. This is slowly changing, and competitions like the one in the movie are doing their part by giving girls direct access to working with technology, working towards a goal, and being successful with it.

But the movie itself can play a big role as well, by giving visibility to these girls and their struggles and success. It reminds everyone that there's no reason they can't do it, and provides an opportunity for our girls to see these girls as an example and inspiration for what they can do if they want to.

We have a daughter, and we don't ever want her to believe that the things she might want to do could be limited by her gender. Whether or not you have a daughter interested in technology, the film inspires thinking. Reserve your free ticket now because this is an important topic. 

Here's a link to the trailer.


  1. I have a post on my website that directs readers to this page. Thanks for sharing this information!

    Mark Sinopoli, Computer Science Teacher at Fowler School

  2. That's great Mark, thanks! Would love to get as many girls to see the movie as possible to get inspiration!