Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Heard the Vietnamese Restaurant is Supposed to Open on Friday 12/4

Yesterday ArtSpace artist Jen Maestre (you know her as the Pencil Woman) mentioned that she happened to be walking by the soon-to-open Gigi's Vietnamese restaurant and saw someone inside, so she walked in. She asked if they were open yet and they told her that they were planning on opening tomorrow, Friday, December fourth. They gave her some business cards (and maybe some menus) to share with people. Jen said she'd have them in her studio during the ArtSpace Maynard Holiday Sale this weekend.

The menu is available online. I'm looking forward to sampling some Vietnamese cuisine soon!


  1. We tried it Saturday night. For now they are in "soft opening" mode so most, but not quite all of the menu is available, and they are still waiting for their liquor license.
    The food was excellent. They will certainly need to hire a bit more wait staff.

  2. Anyone know if it's open for lunch yet? We had dinner there on Friday on their opening day and it was ok, but has the potential to be really great once they're fully up and running. Tried to stop by for lunch on Monday but they were closed.