Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jero Nesson, Manager of ArtSpace Maynard, Will Retire End of Year 2014

Jero Nesson last week announced to ArtSpace artists that he would be retiring from his position as ArtSpace manager in December of this year. Jero helped to found ArtSpace in 2000. Already in his seventies, he told his friends that he wants to take some classes, read more books, and do more walking. ArtSpace artists will miss him, but he promised to visit from time to time.

The ArtSpace board has hired Fred Batstone as the new Executive Director. Many of you would know Fred from the Outdoor Store. He has been one of the most active and involved board members since 2000 and he has served as the organization’s treasurer for the past seven years. Linda Spear will serve as Administrator in this job-shared position. Linda has a strong organizational and administrative background. 


  1. How do I contact the Artspace Maynard board of directors, NOT THE GALLERY ITSELF! Email, PH#, Adr
    Thank you very much

    1. Do you need to reach the new managers or the Board of Directors?