Thursday, October 2, 2014

Speaker Specializing in Children's Anxiety to Speak in Maynard

I heard about this from a local Mom and thought I'd share.
Jessica Minahan, a specialist in anxiety and behavior for kids of all ages will be coming to Maynard on: Monday Oct 6 at 7:00 pm at the Fowler Auditorium!

She is heavily sought after by schools, parents and other organizations that work with children to teach her strategies on working with kids who show signs of anxiety, whether they are diagnosed or not. Members of the Maynard PTOs, the Maynard Family Association, and the Boys and Girls Club worked really hard to get her here, and she's coming. She will have copies of her book "The Behavior Code" available to purchase for $20 (a 40% discount)—cash only, please. Parents that have worked with her or heard her speak rave about her, and educators and schools are equally impressed.

This is a free event, and all are welcome to attend.

Practical and Effective Strategies for Children with Anxiety

By Jessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that one in four thirteen-eighteen year olds has had an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. Without intervention, these children are at risk for poor performance, diminished learning, and social/behavior problems in school. Understanding
the role anxiety plays in a student's behavior is crucial and using preventive strategies are key to successful intervention. Effective behavior plans for these students must avoid the reward and punishment-based consequences from traditional behavior plans and focus instead on the use of preventive strategies and on explicitly teaching coping skills, self-monitoring, and alternative responses. As a result of this workshop participants will be able to easily implement preventive tools, strategies, and interventions for reducing anxiety, increasing self-regulation, executive functioning, and self-monitoring.


Jessica Minahan, MEd, BCBA, is a board certified behavior analyst and special educator and Director of Behavioral Services at NESCA-Newton (MA) (Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children and Adolescents), as well as a school consultant to client's nationwide ( Jessica has over sixteen years of experience supporting students who exhibit challenging behavior in urban public school systems. She is an adjunct professor at Boston University, a blogger on The Huffington Post, as well as the author of The Behavior Code: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students, with Nancy Rappaport (Harvard Education Press, 2012) and author of The Behavior Code Companion: Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Students with Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behaviors (Harvard Education Press, 2014).

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