Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fine Arts Theatre Opens to Maynard today, Wednesday, Nov. 5th.

It's finally here! The theater is really going to open! Unfortunately, due to some occupancy permit delays, it's with short notice—tonight, Wednesday, November fifth! The Fine Arts Theatre will have a soft opening for Maynard residents this very evening.

The movie they will be showing is Interstellar. Here's what's amazing—Christopher Nolan, producer of the film, decided to limit the first two days of the movie's release to be only for 35mm film projectors. That means that for the first two days of release, Maynard is only one of six theaters in the whole state that can show it! Can you believe that? Take that big-box-office movie theaters!

I think Steve Trumble knows that everyone is pretty excited. As excited as he is, he's actually a little nervous about it. It's a given that the staff is going to make mistakes, and knowing that, Steve has decided that he wants to have a soft opening; a little time for the team of Maynard teenagers who will be working there to make some mistakes and figure out how to fix them.

Steve thought that this soft, ever-so-gentle opening should be with a loving, supportive audience who would give the kids the bit of wiggle room they'd need. He asked me what I thought, and we both agreed—who better than the Maynard community?

But then the question became, How could you invite only people from Maynard? Steve seemed to think that I might know or be connected to enough people, so I said I'd try.

The theater crew wants to practice on about a hundred people. I must know a hundred people, right? So if you you're part of the Maynard community, think that opening-day mistakes are no big deal, and want to make history and be one of the Fine Arts Theatre's first customers, then come down to the show on Wednesday, November 5th at 7pm. I'll be there with my honey and some Jr. Mints.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for everyone to see the theater.


  1. D - Please remind Steve that the theater's website still describes the theater as closed.