Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Can Get Local Meat, Cheese, and Eggs in Maynard

Balance Rock Farm in Berlin has been one of the Maynard Farmers' Markets vendors for years. I often thought about making the drive out to Berlin in the off-season, but never managed to do it. Last year I learned that they actually do a weekly drop in Maynard. You can go onto their Web site and email them a list of what you want, and then go and get it from their truck, which will be parked out near Babico's

I'm doing this blog post because they were smart enough to send an email reminder that their service is beginning, and I was thinking that there would be plenty of people in the community who would be interested. 

Here's the information. 

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for a wildly successful Farmer's Market season! We took a little time to regroup and catch up on things that got let go over the summer, and now we are ready to resume the Drop in Maynard.

We will be in Maynard on this Saturday November 15th between 12:00 and 1:30. As before, we will meet in the parking lot between Warriors Way and the Bank.

For anyone interested, we still have turkeys available. They are $4.19/lb. and there is a $40.00 deposit required. They must be picked up at the farm either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
All that was offered at the Farmer's Market is available for drop and more. If you know of something you'd like us to bring, just ask.

Ice cream will not be available until the weather turns freezing.

If you would be so kind as to spread the word about this drop, we would be very appreciative. The more people we serve, the better for everyone who would like it to continue.
Anyone interested can e-mail  at Linda@balancerockfarm to get on the list.
Feel free to e-mail with questions and special requests as well as regular orders.

Please try to get your orders to us by Friday @ 6:00 to insure that they come through in time.

Thanks and hope to see you on Saturday.

Happy Fall.
Linda and the Balance Rock Farm Family

This message was sent to from:
Linda Wheeler | | Balance Rock Farm | 104 Highland St. | Berlin, MA 01503

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