Sunday, November 23, 2014

Getting Festive, and Getting Shopping in Maynard

Holiday decorations have started going up in Maynard's downtown area. So nice to see! Thanks to the crew who installed them.

Black Friday is next week. You could choose to go do your crazy-shopping in the mall, or you could walk around a lovely downtown, have a nice meal in a friendly restaurant, and catch a blockbuster movie in an old-time theater. No rush, taking it easy.

Things you might not know to look for (or give) while you're on your holiday hunt:

• an amazing wool sweater: Outdoor Store
• a pile of books: Video Signals
• Legos: Paperstore
• a hand-painted (by you, or your kids) plate for someone you love: Video Signals
• a piece of art or craft by a local artist: Denault Studios, ArtSpace Downtown, Art and Soul
• a collector's item you never imagined you'd find again: Collector's Paradise
• a basket for goodies: Summer Street Fine Consign
• a bicycle helmet, water bottle, or horn: Ray and Sons
• a gift certificate for a facial: Flawless
• comic books: Excelsior, Legends
• a pair of binoculars: the Outdoor Store
• a gift certificate for a massage: Pathways, Massage Visits.
• a season subscription to plays: ACME Theater
• a frame on a special object that you cherish: Gallery 7
• a really cool chair: This and That.
• a lovely something for the home: Bon Marche
• a lovely piece of jewelry: Richard Goddard
• a funky Christmas decoration: Picker's Pocket
• a great deal on a new jacket: Manufacturer's Direct
• stocking stuffers galore: Sugar Snap
• tools: Aubuchon
• a swiss army something or other: the Outdoor Store
• and of course plenty of gift certificates for restaurants.

And as for you and what you'd like for Christmas, tell your family you're keeping it local and would love a gift certificate to one of the many stores we have in town.

What have you found as you've made your way around town? I certainly haven't listed everything.  Feel free to post your findings in the comments.

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