Thursday, December 18, 2014

From Here to There: Hair Styling in Maynard

Back in September I "reported" that the Mascarelli building was getting a new tenant, and that the new tenant would be Porfino. Well, if that was the case then, it's certainly not the case now.

Flawless Hair Design has knocked down the wall and expanded to take the entire space that was Mascarelli's. It's looking really good from the street, and between that spot, the tear down of the parking deck, and the Fine Arts Theatre, you'd think that the Summer Street section of our downtown was competing for "Most-Improved Street" in town.

The other switch is about Porfino (the upscale barber shop on Nason Street). Enzo, the owner, is buying the Maynard Barber Shop on Main Street. Bobby, the current owner of the Maynard Barber Shop has been recovering from surgery and was looking to take it easy, so this deal will work out well for him—when Enzo moves his business over to the Maynard Barber Shop, Bobby will work for him. And between them both, they'll be able to serve more clients—Bobby works early, like 6 a.m. (I think that's what he told me), to cut hair for people before they head off to work. Enzo will come in later and Bobby will take a break.

So now we just need to find out who will fill what will become an empty location on Main Street. I've heard the rents are a little higher there, so it may not be immediate.

That's the scoop on some of the local hair business.

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