Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The ArtSpace Holiday Sale is this Weekend, December 5, 6, and 7

Art is just... special. It just is. And giving a gift of art says that you kind of went out of your way to get something particularly wonderful. Lucky for you, the ArtSpace Maynard Holiday Sale this weekend.

Here's what's really cool about it. There are going to be more than fifty area artists coming to ArtSpace to share their varied works with you—beautiful things that they've created in their own unique styles. Unlike when you buy something off a shelf, at the Holiday Sale, if you like something enough to buy it, you're going to see what that means to the artist who actually made it. And they can answer your questions about their work. And if you ask to have your picture taken with them, you can make them feel like a rock star.

Not everyone can afford to give gifts of art, but even if your budget's a little tight, come by and warm the place up with your presence. There is going to be a silent auction of various artists' works, and you might end up with something at a price you might not have been able to get otherwise. Grab a snack and a glass of wine while you're at it.

So if you want a little break from what has become "traditional" shopping, head over to the ArtSpace Maynard Holiday Sale this weekend. Everyone will be happy to see you there—especially me. I'll be there selling my hats and chatting with visitors.

Fri. Dec. 5th: 5-8 •  Sat. Dec. 6th: 10-5 • Sun. Dec. 7th: 12-5. ArtSpace Maynard is located at 63 Summer St., Maynard.
You can "like" the ArtSpace Holiday Sale on Facebook. 

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