Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Google Maps Has an Old View

I happened to be looking at satellite view of Maynard  on Google Maps when I decided to do a street view. I guess they haven't updated in a while. I'm home and it's late, so I'm not quite sure how many of those buildings were demolished to make way for the Walgreens. Sigh.


  1. The now vacated Walgreen's, no less. :-(

  2. I didn't actually want to type it. :-(

  3. This is exactly why Maynard needs a demolition delay review. Big chains WILL renovate and go into historic structures/smaller spaces. We wouldn't be left with a tenant specific site and lose the character. This is rather sad and I hope we don't lose more historic structures. They tell the history and help Maynard to have an identity versus looking like a Seaside, FL-type town. I love our little town and I do hope something fills in that space soon.