Thursday, January 22, 2015

Small Shop, Many Rugs

Have you ever had a dream where you've found some secret place that's loaded with treasure? I have, mostly when I was a kid. In it, I'm usually winding through a familiar building and finding my way into a treasure-holding attic or basement, and then wondering how I could have gone so long without having noticed it. So it's fitting that the Little Rug Company is located in the basement of the old Masonic building on Main Street, and it just so happens that it's loaded with treasure.

I had seen the sandwich-board signs out front for months, but I had never gone looking for it. One Saturday, after the routine breakfast at the Boston Bean House, I talked my husband and daughter into going on a quest for the supposed petite location.

I hobbled my way (those who know me know I hobble well) down the stairs into a space full of beautiful rugs from all over the Middle East. George, an older Lebanese gentleman, was working there. He's the father of the woman who owns the business. With his thick accent cushioned by the soft merchandise, George told me all about the rugs and the business. He also introduced us to his dog (and store mascot) Siona.

Big rugs, little ones, thin ones, small, long rugs, short rugs, some for your hall. (Yes, it's getting late here.)

If you haven't been down there, check them out—it's a really interesting shop. They not only sell rugs, but also clean and repair them.


  1. Wow! I'll definitely check this out. I have a beautiful Oriental rug that is in need of cleaning :)

  2. Wow I will have to go practice my Arabic---nice to know there are Lebanese in town---and buy a carpet!! Thanks for writing this up.