Friday, June 27, 2014

Excelsior Comics and Games in Samuel's Studio Location

There's a very long story here that's more complicated than I have time to write, but let me just say that the former owners of Legends Games and Comics have changed locations. They've also changed names—Excelsior Comics and Games. They have taken a long-unoccupied building in Maynard—Samuel's Studio! Around town we are happy that Tiana and Bobby (owners of Excelsior) have decided to stick around and to see something going in to that space.

They're young owners, and this move is a big deal for them. Of course, there has been some cost to them to do this. If you're at all interested in helping them out, you can buy a cool T-shirt with their new logo. The campaign has been running for a while, but you still have 3 days left to help them out. Here's the link.

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