Monday, June 2, 2014

Suburban Homesteading & Sustainable Home Tour. June 21st

This event looks like it's going to offer a lot of good information. Anyone want to join me on this tour?

June 21st, 2014 9:00 AM in Maynard 

Producing your own food, generating energy and conserving water are all goals of sustainable living. Accomplishing these goals in urban and suburban settings can be challenging. Come and see how some of your neighbors are working toward these goals in the suburbs.

Highlights of the tour include:
  • a Zero-Energy home with solar panels, passive solar space heating, solar hot water system, and superinsulated envelope
  • a Suburban Homestead with small-space intensive raised bed vegetable gardening, espaliered orchard, backyard chickens, bat house, composting and rain barrels all on a third of an acre lot
  • a Backyard Beekeeper who will speak about beekeeping in New England, what it entails, and why honey bees need support now more than ever

Each host will present their unique home features and allow time for questions and answers. Participants will meet at a central location in Maynard, MA at 9:00 AM to check in and receive maps and schedules. We will help form carpools and/or bike to the multiple destinations on the tour.

To buy tickets visit

The money raised at this event is going to help raise the final funds to help get the feasibility study done for the Assabet Village Food Co-op. I'm a big fan of the co-op idea—support local agriculture, provide employees a living wage, bring a non-chain option to the area, etc. 

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