Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Things: New Owners of Main Street Liquors and Main Barbershop to Close

So I heard that Main Street liquors has sold and that new owners will be taking over in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see if anything changes over there. Not that there's anything wrong with the way it is, just curious about the effects of new ownership.

The second thing I heard was that the Main Barber Shop is going to be closing. The owner, Bob, is actually going to be going over to work at Porfino on Nason Street. Having the two consolidated will likely be good for both businesses.

Many of you have been good about keeping me informed about goings on around town, so thanks for that. I don't always get to post as regularly as I'd like, but I try—there's usually a small child standing next to me asking for something. Priorities, right? Whatever the case, keep letting me know what you hear. 

1 comment:

  1. Change is underway even as we speak. Just walked into chaos, but they are open!