Monday, June 9, 2014

Signs of Life at Mascarelli's?

Could it be that the owner of Mascarelli's has woken up from a long, Rip-VanWinkle-type slumber? Or did they hear the rest of the downtown started making improvements ten years ago? Whatever the case, I was downtown today and the Mascarelli building was painted!

People who see this post from my Facebook page because they're friends with me and not because they live in Maynard will not understand the significance of this. IT IS A BIG DEAL—trust me. It was a big enough deal for me to get photos of it from two different angles. I nearly rubbed my eyes in disbelief.

I have lived in this town seventeen years. I don't believe I've ever seen that building getting so much as a touch up. In fact, I can probably count on my two hands the number of times I've seen the Mascarelli's Jewelry store open in those seventeen years. (It might be more like one hand, but I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.)

I did hear that they are planning on allowing groups that would normally meet in the church basement of the church that has closed (corner of Main and Summer St.) to meet in Mascarelli's upstairs space. Maybe that's why they're going all out with the tan paint.

Whatever the case, we're glad to see it. Now to just fix that broken glass in the window.. and freshen up the displays. Little by little. :-)


  1. I've never seen "the store" open in the 10 years I've lived here! Is it really a store?

  2. I did a double take on my walk this morning too ha. Nice to see. I go by there quite a bit and see it open at odd times. For the longest time the vacuum cleaner sits out on the main floor. How can anyone do business like that? Strange.